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Why Purchase Charter Travel Insurance?

Planning for the unexpected is critical when preparing for any travel. Charter Travel Insurance allows you the peace of mind knowing that your trip is covered with trip cancellation/interruption, medical expense coverage, baggage loss or delay, and more.

Unfortunately, unforeseen events occur despite the best planning. Insuring your trips can limit or drastically reduce loss when these situations arise. Charter Travel Insurance is an economical suite of benefits and services intended to mitigate unanticipated events.

Why choose Charter Travel Insurance?

  • Coverage for trip cancellation, or interruption due to several unforeseen events, including accidental injury or illness (including travel companions or a family member), natural disaster, and more.
  • 24-hour medical advisory and assistance services in the event of illness, injury, or any number of travel emergencies.
  • Coverage for missed airline connections, and assistance in finding new travel accommodations.
  • Lost baggage assistance, including reimbursement for missing necessary items, as well as emergency prescription
  • Lost passport replacement services, and cash advances while traveling.

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Contact Charter Travel Insurance with any questions regarding coverage, services or to file a claim:
+1 415 481 0726
Or toll free: 877-246-0828